Maintaining the scheduler

The SCHSTATUS table contains one entry for every execution of a job in the SCHCONFIG table. Because of the large number of jobs that are run by the scheduler, there are many job status records in the SCHSTATUS table. This size can have an adverse affect on the performance of the WebSphere Commerce Server. Periodically clean up the SCHSTATUS table.


  • Use the Administration Console Scheduler Status Display page to delete jobs. Deleting job status records reduces the size of the SCHSTATUS table by cleaning up jobs based on time stamp and job reference number.
  • Schedule the CleanJob job to run and automatically trim the size of the SCHSTATUS table. Use the endTime parameter to specify whether you want to remove job status records for the previous week or the previous month. When the CleanJob command is used to trim the size of the SCHSTATUS table, it is not logged in to the table itself.
    When you clean up the scheduled jobs by using the CleanJob command, the publishing utility cannot retrieve the publish status for previously published store archives. As a result, the publish status for a successfully published store archive will be Not Published, although the store archive was successfully published.
  • Set the autoClean parameter to on in the configuration file. This parameter causes all SCHSTATUS entries to be removed whenever the job completes.