Updating WebSphere Commerce runtime configuration

Many aspects of the WebSphere Commerce application are configured in an XML file. This XML file is inside the WebSphere Commerce JEE EAR.

About this task

The Configuration Manager should be used to modify most WebSphere Commerce configuration parameters. However, some parameters must be changed through the WebSphere Commerce configuration file. You should refer to an individual component's documentation to determine if it should be configured through the Configuration Manager or through the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.


Update the configuration file:
Using Configuration Manager Modify the WebSphere Commerce instance by using Configuration Manager.
  1. Edit the master copy of the XML configuration file to make the changes you require. The master configuration file is:
    • AIXLinuxWindowsWC_installdir /instances/instance_name/xml/instance_name.xml
    • For IBM i OS operating systemWC_userdir/instances/instance_name/xml/instance_name.xml
  2. Propagate the changes to the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.