Using dynamic API to not cache

Occasionally, it is not appropriate to cache a page that matches a caching rule, or a fragment within the cached page. In this case, the Dynacache API makes it possible to ignore the cache rule and not cache the page or fragment in question.

Full page matching a rule
There are some circumstances where you do not cache a page, even though it matches a rule in the cache spec. For example if the pages content needs to be updated on each refresh using personalized data, or data that is current.
Fragment on a page matching a rule
It might be unsuitable to cache a section of a page for which consume-subfragments=true. For example, suppose a fragment was truly dynamic, and updated on each refresh of the page using personalized data. In this case, do not cache the fragment at all.

While this behavior cannot be achieved through the use of cachespec.xml, you can accomplish this with the Dynacache API.