XML configuration directory

WebSphere Commerce uses an XML directory to configure many different aspects of its behavior. Many different customization tasks will require you to modify the XML, template definition, template definition DTD, and DTD files in these directories.

By default, the XML files are stored in the following directory:

  • LinuxAIXWindowsFor IBM i OS operating systemWC_installdir/wc.ear/xml/
  • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\wc\xml\

After modifying the XML files, the changes are propagated to the EAR file. Each WebSphere Commerce instance has its own enterprise archive with its own XML configuration directory. This is not necessary in the development environment. This directory is in the following location:

  • LinuxAIXWindowsFor IBM i OS operating systemWC_eardir/xml/

Do not move, modify, or copy files to this directory. The correct way to update files in these directories is to use the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console or the WebSphere Application Server wsadmin scripting. For more information, see Ways to update application files.

For example, if you want to add or update a messaging DTD in the enterprise archive on your WebSphere Commerce Server, the intended target would be WC_eardir/xml/messaging/mymessage.dtd.