WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseWebSphere Commerce ProfessionalFeature Pack 3: Deprecated feature

Tutorial: Managing content with workspaces with the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

This tutorial shows you how to use workspaces in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to add product content to a store.

Introduced in Feature Pack 3Note: The Workspace Administration Tool is deprecated. The Workspace Management tool replaces all of the workspace management features in the Workspace Administration Tool and the Tasks tool. If your site uses the Workspace Management tool, do not follow the steps that are contained within this tutorial. Instead, see Workspace Management tool.

In this tutorial, new product data is added to the store by using a workspace approval process on an authoring server. This process results in a set of data ready for publishing to the production instance. This tutorial does not cover publishing the data to production server from the authoring server.

Learning objectives

After completing this tutorial, you should be familiar with the following tasks:
  • Create a workspace with task groups and tasks.
  • Create a template for a task group.
  • Activate a task group to begin the process of changing content.
  • Create and contribute product content from within a workspace task.
  • Preview changes that are made from within the task group.
  • Approve a task group and its changes.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take 2 hours to complete. This tutorial takes longer if you explore concepts that are related to the tutorial.

Skill Level

This tutorial is intended for the Workspace Manager, Product Manager, and Workspace Task Group Approver who are responsible for creating and activating a workspace with task group and tasks to model the Introduce New Product process, working on the workspace task that is assigned to them and creating content for the store, and validating the changes by previewing the store and approves the task group to complete the process.

To complete this tutorial, you should be familiar with the following terms and concepts:
  • Workspaces
  • WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

System Requirements

Before you begin this tutorial, ensure that you complete the following tasks:
  • Create an authoring server instance of WebSphere Commerce with workspaces enabled in a WebSphere Commerce development environment. Ensure that the instance or test environment is started.
  • Publish a store in the authoring server instance or development environment.
  • Three different users created. The users should have the following properties:
    User ID Organization Roles
    jim Root Organization Workspace Manager
    mike Root Organization Product Manager, Workspace Content Contributor
    elle Root Organization Product Manager, Workspace Task Group Approver
    While you do not have to use the user IDs specified in this table, there are references to these users IDs throughout the tutorial.