Product portlet JSP sample

The Product portlet displays product details to customers. From this portlet customers can select items to add to the shopping cart. When this portlet appears the first time, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/default/Product.jsp is used. For each product, the offer price is shown. Certain items will not have a price shown. For general products and bundles, the offer price is not available until the item is added to the shopping cart.

Product portlet screen capture


Customer action Portlet response Called WebSphere Commerce Services
Customer chooses a category. The Category Display page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/catalog/CategoryDisplay.jsp is shown in the Product portlet displaying the catalog sub-categories.
  • Get catalog group details by ID (getCatalogGroupDetailsByID) Obtains detailed information of a category such as name, description, and image.
  • getCatalogGroupByParentCatalogGroupId - Gets the subcategory.
  • getCatalogEntryByParentCatalogGroupId - Obtains all catalog entries under a category.
Customer clicks on a product in the Category Display page. The Product Display page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/catalog/ProductDisplay.jsp appears. The customer can drag and drop a product image onto the My Cart portlet.
Customer enters part of a name or description of a product to be searched, and clicks Search. The search result, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/catalog/SearchDisplay.jsp, appears in the Product portlet.
  • Find catalog entry details by name (findCatalogEntriesDetailsByName) - Gets the summary information of all catalog entries with name or description that contains the given search criteria.
Customer clicks Add to cart. The My Cart portlet appears.