My Account portlet JSP sample

The My Account portlet provides customers with the ability to create, change, remove.

  • Personal information
  • Address book
  • Address book entry

When this portlet appears the first time, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/default/AccountDisplay.jsp is used.

My Account portlet screen capture

My Account portlet screen capture


Customer action Portlet response Called WebSphere Commerce Services
Customer clicks Personal Information. UserRegistrationForm is called and the Update Registration page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/member/ChangePersonalInformationDisplay.jsp, appears.
  • findCurrentPerson - Obtains customer information, such as first name, last name, e-mail and addresses.
  • updatePerson (ChangePersonalInformation) - Updates the personal information of a customer such as name and e-mail address.
Customer clicks Address Book. AddressBookForm is called and the Address Book page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/member/AddressBookDisplay.jsp, appears.
  • findCurrentPerson - Obtains entries in the current customer's address book.
Customer clicks the remove icon in an address entry. Removes the selected address entry from the address book.
  • deleteAddressForPerson (DeleteAddress) - Removes an address for a customer.
Customer clicks New Address. The Add Address, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/member/AddressDisplay.jsp, page appears where customers can add a new address to the address book.
  • findCurrentPerson - Obtains information about the current address entry.
  • addAddressForPerson (AddAddress) - Creates a new address for the customer.
Customer clicks an existing address entry. The ChangeAddress page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/member/AddressDisplay.jsp, appears where customers can modify an existing address entry.
  • findCurrentPerson - Obtains information about the current address entry.
  • updateAddressForPerson (UpdateAddress) - Updates a particular address for the customer.