My Order portlet JSP sample

The My Order (order history) portlet provides customers with the ability to view Order history and Order history details.

When this portlet appears the first time, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/default/MyOrder.jsp is used.

My Order portlet screen capture


Customer action Portlet response Called WebSphere Commerce Services
Customer clicks on an order. The Order Details page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/order/OrderDetailDisplay.jsp, appears. findByOrderId under WC_OrderDetailsProfile - Gets detailed information of a submitted order.
Customer can page through orders. The MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/order/OrderStatusDisplay.jsp, page displays in the portlet showing pages of orders. findByOrderStatus - Gets all orders that are associated with the requested order status. In this case any orders that have been submitted will be returned.