Catalog portlet JSP sample

The catalog portlet displays a list of all active sales catalogs. When this portlet appears the first time, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/default/Catalog.jsp is used.

Catalog portlet screen capture


Customer action Portlet response Called WebSphere Commerce Services
Customer clicks the name of the catalog. The Top Category Display page, MVCPortlet_installdir/jsp/html/catalog/TopCatalogDisplay.jsp, of the selected catalog is shown. getTopCategories - Gets the top-level categories from a catalog, such as Furniture, Tableware, or Kitchenware under the Store Master Catalog.
When the portlet first starts up or after customer clicks the Go Back button. Shows all active catalogs. getAllCatalogs - Gets all of the catalogs that are visible by the customer, such as the Store Master Catalog.