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IBM Support Assistant

The IBM Support Assistant is desktop software to help you find answers or address challenges as you use your IBM software products. You can launch the IBM Support Assistant by selecting Help > IBM Support Assistant in the IBM Sales Center Client.

The IBM Support Assistant offers three components to help you with software questions.

Offers a complete search across many sources if IBM information:
  • Technical notes from the IBM software support Web site
  • IBM newsgroup and forum postings
  • IBM developerWorks
  • Local help system
  • Google Web search.
Support Links
The Support Links component provides a convenient location to access various IBM Web resources. On this page you can find Web links to IBM product sites and IBM support sites as well as links to IBM newsgroups.
With the Service component you can submit a help request to IBM in the form of a Problem Management Record (PMR). The IBM Support Assistant provides an enhanced form of request submission:
  • You can send the service request to IBM electronically - right from the IBM Sales Center client.
  • You can get faster results because important system data is sent to IBM along with the service request.
The Service component brings you the following tasks to help you submit an enhanced service request:
  1. Collect system data
  2. Submit service request
  3. Send system data.
To access the Service component, click on the Service tab in the IBM Support Assistant.