IBM Sales Center keyboard shortcuts

The IBM Sales Center uses keyboard shortcuts to make accessing functions possible with a few key strokes.

For most main menu tasks there are mnemonic and accelerator key combinations, as seen in the following table. In addition, you can perform the following actions:

  • Use Shift + F10 to open the context menu of the active view or editor.
  • Use Ctrl + F10 to display a pull-down menu.
  • Use Ctrl + F4 to close an active editor.
Actions Shortcut
Common Order Actions
Submit Order Ctrl + O Ctrl + S
Save and Close Ctrl + O Ctrl + L
Create Quote from Order Ctrl + O Ctrl + Q
Cancel Order Ctrl + O Ctrl + A
Order General Page
Find Customer Ctrl+O Ctrl+C Ctrl+F
Register Customer (only for Order) Ctrl+ Ctrl+R
View Block Ctrl+O Ctrl+B
Item Page Actions
Add Order Item Ctrl+A
Delete Order Item Ctrl+D
Find Order Item Ctrl+I Ctrl+F
Refresh Order Item Ctrl+I Ctrl+R
View Product Details Ctrl+I Ctrl+T
Copy Item Ctrl+I Ctrl+C
Apply Order Item Ctrl+I Ctrl+P
Select all item Ctrl+I Ctrl+L
Payment Page Actions
Payment Add Ctrl+P Ctrl+A
Payment Delete Ctrl+P Ctrl+D
Payment Edit Ctrl+P Ctrl+E
Shipping Override Ctrl+S Ctrl+C
View Adjustments Ctrl+J
Quote Common Action
Create Quote from Order Ctrl+O Ctrl+Q
Complete Quote Ctrl+O Ctrl+S
Quote Cancel Ctrl+O Ctrl+A
Quote Close Ctrl+O Ctrl+L