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There are several types of editors in the IBM Sales Center. These editors are used to create and manage orders, quotes, customers, and organizations; and they are where you do the majority of your work.

WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseNote: Organizations apply to B2B stores only.

The default Sales and Web Browser perspectives contain an editor area and one or more views. Any number of editors can be open at the same time, but only one editor can be active. In addition, multiple instances of the same editor type can be open. If you are working on two orders, for example, you have two Order editors open. However, only one editor instance can be open for each business item being edited. If you have one editor already open for a specific store or order, for example, you cannot open a second editor instance for that store or order.

You might find it useful to be able to maximize an editor, especially when creating an order or quote. To maximize an editor, double-click the editor's tab (Ctrl+M). To restore the editor, double-click the editor tab (Ctrl+M) again.

WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 2 introduces pagination support to help manage shopping carts that contain large numbers of order items. Instead of loading a large shopping cart as a single entity, it loads and updates order items on a page-by-page basis. So, if a page is configured as having up to 25 order items (the default value), updates only process 25 items or fewer at one time. This can significantly increase server response time. You can navigate between pages by typing a page number directly, or by clicking Next, Previous, First, or Last. Pagination support applies to the Order items, Order comments, and Order history pages in the Order editor, and the Quote items and Quote comments pages of the Quote editor.

The IBM Sales Center includes the following editors:

Store Summary editor
This is where you can view information about a store.
Customer editor
This is where you can create or modify a customer profile.
Organization Summary editor
This is where you can create or view organization profiles.
Order editor
This is where you can create, modify, and submit orders.
Quote editor
This is where you can create and modify quotes.
Product Compare editor
This is where you can compare product details, view inventory, and add products to orders or quotes.
Create Tickler editor
This is where you can create a reminder for yourself or someone else.
Work on Tickler editor
This is where you can record the tasks that you performed to complete a tickler.

Note: Certain information, such as Country, and State/Province information, is loaded into the IBM Sales Center when it is started. If this information is updated in the server (for example, the business has expanded to a new country) then the IBM Sales Center will need to be restarted to use this updated information.