Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Search engine optimization (SEO) title and meta description (TMD) data for store web pages

Title and metadata information is valuable for allowing your store's pages to stand out on the internet. With the search engine optimization (SEO) feature for WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 3, each web page in your store is provided with unique content to improve its ranking in search results.

The title and meta description data is comprised of the following elements:

Page title
The page title appears in the browser title bar For example: Large Adjustable Desk Lamp | Madisons
Meta description
Search engines commonly use the meta description on search result pages to provide a concise explanation of the contents of the current web page. The meta data description is an HTML attribute and is not displayed on the web page.
Meta keyword
The meta keyword is used for the static pages of your store, such as the contact us or help page. This allows for search engines to accurately rank and index the web page. The meta keyword is an HTML attribute and is not displayed on the web page.
Image alt text
Image alt text describes the contents of an image for search engines to accurately rank and index the image. It is viewable by hovering over the image on the web page and can be used for text-to-speech systems for the visually impaired.

Title and meta description templates

Use templates to generate the title and meta descriptions for your store pages. Use SEO substitution parameters in the template to create unique content from store data. A different template is required for each page type in your store (for example, Contact us, Help, catalog entry pages or category pages). For more information on creating title and meta description content, see: Enabling SEO title and meta description information for migration.
The following table illustrates how a template can create unique content for multiple products and stores:
SEO property Template using substitution parameters Sample for a silver floor lamp in the Madisons store Sample for a brown leather couch in the Elite store
page title <seo: ProductName/> | <seo: StoreName/> silver floor lamp | Madisons brown leather couch | Elite
image alt description Image for <seo: ProductName/> from <seo: StoreName/> Image for silver floor lamp from Madisons Image for brown leather couch from Elite