WebSphere Commerce integration with sitemaps

In the past, to index your store pages, a search engine spider crawled through the website and indexed every page that it found. With the WebSphere Commerce integration with site maps, you can create a sitemap XML file, sitemap_ storeID.xml that contains a list of URLs for your site. This way, customers are able to easily find your site when they run a search, increasing the probability of sales.

The sitemap_storeID.xml file is placed in the following directory:

  • For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIXWindows WC_eardir/Stores.war
  • WebSphere Commerce Developer WCDE_installdir/workspace/Stores/WebContent

The location of the file is submitted to the search engine to index all of the URLs in the sitemap_storeID.xml file.

The WebSphere Commerce integration with sitemaps is made up of two parts:

  • A sample site map JSP file that can be used to generate the content of a search engine sitemap XML file. The content is the URL that you want to index, such as the Catalog, Contact Us, and Help pages. For more information about sample site map JSP files, see Site map integration template.
  • A SitemapGenerate command that compiles the JSP file, and optionally validates and saves the search engine sitemap XML file. You can schedule the job to run regularly. For example, you can schedule it to run at night, to sync with your catalog update schedule. There is one sitemap_storeId.xml file per store. However, if your sitemap XML file exceeds the number of URLs or size that is outlined in the Sitemap Protocol v0.9, the file splits into several different files. If there is no split, sitemap_storeId.xml.gz is generated. When there is a split, sitemap_storeId.xml.gz is the index file and sitemap_ storeId_i.xml.gz are the sitemap files. The site map files are numbered sequentially. For more information about the SitemapGenerate command, see Customizing site maps integration. For more information about scheduling a SitemapGenerate job, see Creating and scheduling the SitemapGenerate job.
Feature Pack 7 or laterNote: Any page that is created in Commerce Composer with a keyword URL is automatically included in the site map XML file.