Deprecated feature

Configuring cassettes

In this step you authorize cassettes and create WebSphere Commerce Payments users and accounts,


  1. Check that WebSphere Commerce Payments is started.
  2. Open the Administration Console and select Site on the Administration Console Site/Store Selection page or open the Payments user interface.
  3. Assign WebSphere Commerce Payments user roles to WebSphere Commerce users as required. To assign these WebSphere Commerce Payments user roles, select Users in Payments > Users menu in Site Administration Console.

    The WebSphere Commerce Site Administrator is assigned the Payments Administrator role by default. You might want to assign other WebSphere Commerce users various Payments roles.

  4. Create a merchant for the published starter store (the merchant ID must be the same as the store ID)
  5. Authorize cassettes for your store by doing the following steps:
    1. Select Merchant Settings.
    2. Click your store in the Merchant name column.
    3. Select the cassettes you want to authorize for your store.
    4. Click Update.
    Important: If you created your store manually, you must add a new merchant (your store) to authorize cassettes for your store. When creating a new merchant, the merchant number specified must match the WebSphere Commerce store ID. You can create a new merchant by selecting Merchant Settings then clicking Add a Merchant.
  6. Create an account for the merchant created in step 4.
    1. Select Merchant Settings.
    2. Select a cassette to configure by clicking the icon appearing in the row for your store and the column for the cassette you want to configure.
    3. Click Accounts on the cassette's page for your store and do one of the following tasks:
      • To change existing accounts, click the account name.
      • To create a new account, click Add an Account.
  7. If you are using the OfflineCard cassette, create one or more brands for the account created in step 6:
    1. Select Merchant Settings.
    2. Select OfflineCard Cassette icon.
    3. Click Accounts.
    4. Click the account name you just created in step 6.
    5. Click Brands.
    6. To create a new brand, click Add a Brand.
  8. If you are using the WCPayments plug-in:
    1. Select No Auto Approve in the advanced settings.
      Automatic approvals should not be selected.

      The WCPayments plug-in always issues a command to create an order and approve the payment separately. If automatic approval is selected, when the WCPayments plug-in creates an order, the order is automatically approved then, when the WCPayments plug-in issues an APPROVE command, the operation will fail.

    2. Do not select Automatically deposit non-wallet purchases in the advanced settings.