Deprecated feature

Modifying a WebSphere Commerce Payments instance

About this task

Important If you use IBM HTTP Server or Sun Java System Web Server, WebSphere Commerce modifies the Web server configuration file whenever you do any of the following tasks:

  • Create a WebSphere Commerce instance.
  • Create a WebSphere Commerce Payments instance.
  • Update information in the Web Server panel in Configuration Manager for an existing instance.

These changes are marked by the following text:

IBM WebSphere Commerce (Do not edit this section) or IBM WebSphere Payments (Do not edit this section)

Customized changes within these sections are not supported by WebSphere Commerce as any changes made within these sections might be overwritten at any time by WebSphere Commerce configuration tools such as Configuration Manager.

If you want to change any of the configuration settings for your WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instance, you can do so from the Configuration Manager.

To update a WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instance using the Configuration Manager:


  1. Ensure the database management system is started.
  2. Start Configuration Manager.
  3. In Configuration Manager, under WebSphere Commerce, expand hostname. Choose to expand Commerce or Payments and select the instance you want to alter. Refer to the online help for the Configuration Manager for information about the various fields and panels of Configuration Manager.
  4. After you update your instance, click Apply to apply your changes.
  5. When the changes have been successfully applied, exit the Configuration Manager client. This also terminates the Configuration Manager server.
  6. Restart the instance you have modified.