Including change control information in the response of a Get service

The Get request access profile determines whether change control information is returned as part of the response. The InsertMoreData command registration point registers a generic implementation that uses the business object mediator to resolve and include change control information. The Recipes tool in the Management Center uses the change control information to show what objects are locked.


  1. Identify the InsertMoreData command interface name that the service implementation uses to resolve the command implementations to include information in the Show response. Typically the InsertMore command interface is in the same Java package as the GetNounNameCmd interface with a class name of InsertMoreNounNameDataCmd. In this scenario, the InsertMore command interface for the Project and ProjectCollection noun is com.mycompany.commerce.project.facade.server.commands.InsertMoreProjectDataCmd
  2. Identify the access profile in which to include change control metadata. Typically, the access profile is an access profile that is used for authoring purposes. The naming convention is IBM_Admin_Details. In this scenario, the access profile name is MyCompany_Admin_Details. To identify the access profile, see the Get expression that is used by the authoring JavaServer Pages (JSP) files.
  3. Create an entry in the CMDREG table that registers the InsertMore command that is identified in step 1. Create this entry with the access profile identified in step 2 to call the generic InsertMore to include the change control metadata with the response. The following sample registration statement registers the InsertMore change control metadata for Project Get requests when the access profile is MyCompany_Admin_Details.
    Note: Because multiple InsertMore commands can be registered for the same access profile, the .index notation is used to support running more than one InsertMore command. This order is based on the registered index. This notation is seen in the following example, where .0 is appended to the interfacename column value.
    insert into cmdreg (storeent_id, interfacename, classname, target)
    values (0, 'com.mycompany.commerce.project.facade.server.commands.InsertMoreProjectDataCmd+MyCompany_Admin_Details.0',
    '', 'Local');
    insert into cmdreg (storeent_id, interfacename, classname, target)
    values (0, 'com.mycompany.commerce.project.facade.server.commands.InsertMoreProjectCollectionDataCmd+MyCompany_Admin_Details.0',
    '', 'Local');
    Note: You should include change control information only for access profiles that return an administrative view of the data. Change control information is not needed when the data displays for the store front.