Creating a relationship for the sample store

To inherit shared Recipes from an asset store in an extended site store, create a relationship between the extended site store and the asset store. In this tutorial, the name of the new RecipeTutorial store relation type is com.mycompary.commerce.recipe. For more information, see Relationships between stores.


  1. Start the WebSphere Commerce Test Server.
  2. Open the URL http://localhost/webapp/wcs/admin/servlet/db.jsp in a browser.
  3. Copy the following two SQL statements into the input window:
    insert into streltyp (name,streltyp_id) values
    insert into storerel
    (streltyp_id,relatedstore_id,store_id,sequence,state) values (-100,
    insert into storerel
    (streltyp_id,relatedstore_id,store_id,sequence,state) values (-100,
    Note: You might need to change the numerical values for your statement.
    • -100 is the primary key value. You do not need to change this value unless you have a duplicate value in your STRELTYP table.
    • 10702 is the storeId of the asset store. 11301 is the storeId of the RecipeTutorial sample store. You can run the SQL query select * from store to query the storeId of your RecipeTutorial store and asset store when they do not match these values.
    • The name com.mycompany.commerce.recipe must match the relationship value in the file
      WC_eardir\xml\config\com.mycompany.commerce.project\wc-component.xml. In this file, locate the following element to determine the value for the relationship:
      <_config:store-relationship key="recipe" value="com.mycompany.commerce.recipe"/>
  4. Click Submit Query.