Creating a user with the Recipe Manager role to access the Recipes tool

The Recipes tool is accessed only by users with Recipe Manager role. In this lesson, you create a new user and assign the Recipe Manager role to the user.


  1. Create a user in the Organization Administration Console with the following properties:
    • Parent organization: Extended Sites Organization Sample Store (Recipe Tutorial)
    • Account policy: Administrators
  2. Assign the "Recipe Manager" from the organization "Extended Sites Organization Sample Store (Recipe Tutorial)" to the new user you created.
  3. Navigate to WCDE_installdir\workspace_dir\WC\xml\config. Create a directory that is called
  4. Download the wc-component.xml file (right-click the link; then click Save Link As) and copy it to the newly created directory:
  5. Open the wc-component.xml file. The file contains the following sample XML code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
    WebSphere Commerce
    (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2008 All Rights Reserved.
    US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or
    disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with
    IBM Corp.
    xsi:schemaLocation=" ../xsd/wc-component.xsd ">
    <_config:valuemapping externalName="StoreType"
    <!-- Map tool type to STORE.STORETYPE in database -->
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="MyCompany_RecipeTool" internalValue="B2C, B2B, BBB, MPS, BMP, MHS, BMH, CPS" />
    <_config:valuemapping externalName="RoleType"
    <!-- Basic B2C -->
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="B2C"
    internalValue="-9,-4,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <!-- Basic B2B -->
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="BBB"
    internalValue="-9,-4,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id," />
    <!-- Advanced B2B Direct -->
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="B2B"
    internalValue="-19,-18,-9,-4,-17,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <!-- Extended Site Model -->
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="MPS"
    internalValue="-9,-1,-4,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="BMP"
    internalValue="-19, -18, -9,-1,-4,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="MHS"
    internalValue="-9,-4,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="BMH"
    internalValue="-19,-18,-9,-4,-17,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    <_config:valuemap externalValue="CPS"
    internalValue="-18,-19,-4,-16,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
    • Where your_role_id is the ROLE_ID for your Recipe Manager. For example, 10001
    There two main purposes of the customization of this configuration file:
    • To map the new tool to store types. The new tool is represented by externalValue="MyCompany_RecipeTool", which is used when you add the new tool to the Management Center. The store types that are mapped with the new tool include B2B, B2C, and the Extended Site Model stores, which means that the new tool can be used with these stores.
    • To map the store to the role types. You must add the new role, the Recipe Manager role, to the store types configuration. In the line
      <_config:valuemap externalValue="B2C" internalValue="-9,-4,-8,-16,-13,-1,-32,-33,-34,your_role_id" />
  6. Double check the values in your database with the following SQL statement and replace 10001 with the correct recipe manager role ID in your system.
    select role_id, name from role;