Testing the new promotion type in the storefront

In this lesson, you test your new promotion type as a shopper in the Madisons store by making a purchase that qualifies you for the free gifts.

About this task

To ensure the promotion is implemented correctly for customers, complete the steps below to purchase some "Havenwood" dinnerware. Experience the promotion on the storefront as a customer would.


  1. To view the Madisons store, in a new Web browser, type http://host_name/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreView?storeId=storeId. Where,
    is the store entity ID as defined in the STORE_ID column of the STORE table.
    is the fully qualified host name of your WebSphere Commerce Server (for example, wcserver.mydomain.ibm.com is fully qualified).
  2. In the store, browse the Tableware category and display the plates called "Havenwood" Dinnerware Set.
  3. Leave the Quantity at 1, and complete the three required fields as shown in the following screen capture.
    Notice that the promotion is already advertised to the right of the plate image as "Spend $200 or more on "Havenwood" or "Floralise" dinnerware and receive a set of table and wine glasses free!" This text comes from the description you entered in the Promotions tool.
    "Havenwood" Dinnerware Set
  4. Click Add to Cart.
  5. To open your shopping cart, click the Shopping Cart link.
    In the resulting shopping cart summary page (shown in the following screen capture), you can see there is no gift. This is because the total price of one "Havenwood" 5–Piece Set is below the total price threshold of the promotion ($200); therefore, the promotion was not applied.
    Shopping Cart summary page without promotion applied
  6. In the QTY column, change the quantity to 10; then press Enter.
    In the resulting shopping cart summary page (shown in the following screen capture), you can now see the gifts have been added automatically. This is because the total price of ten "Havenwood" 5–Piece Sets has exceeded $200, and this met the criteria of the promotion purchase condition.
    Shopping Cart summary page with promotion applied


You have now successfully customized a promotion and tested the results in the Management Center user interface and on the storefront.