Feature Pack 8: The Madisons store is deprecated. Most features demonstrated in the Madisons store are available in the Aurora store.

Mobile shopping cart

The shopping cart displays the items which have been added to the shopping cart.If there are no items in the shopping cart, a message is displayed indicating that the shopping cart is empty. If there are a large number of items in the shopping cart, the shopping cart can be separated into multiple pages. That is, paging controls are enabled to support large shopping carts. Details included in the shopping cart are the product names, SKU, availability, prices, and quantities. Customers can change the quantity, remove an item, or move an item to the wish list directly from the shopping cart page.

Elements of the mobile shopping cart page

Mobile shopping cart screen capture

JSP files
  • OrderItemDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
JSP file fragments
  • BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jspf displays the breadcrumb trail.
  • EmptyShopCartDisplay.jspf is called if the shopping cart does not contain any items.
  • Feature Pack 1CouponWalletTable.jspf displays the coupon wallet table, listing the unused coupon name, expiration date, and the options to apply or remove a selected coupon.
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