Enabling the shipment notification e-mail

You can configure WebSphere Commerce so that a shipment notification e-mail is sent to customers when their order is shipped:


  1. Update the CMDREG table using the following SQL statement:
    update cmdreg set 
      classname='com.ibm.commerce.messaging.commands.ReleaseShipNotifyCmdImpl' where 

    By default, the Release_WCS_ShipmentNotify message is disabled by using ReleaseShipNotifyDummyImpl as the CLASSNAME in the CMDREG database table. The ReleaseShipNotifyDummyImpl is a dummy implementation which does nothing.

    The default JSP, ReleaseShipNotify.jsp, for the XML message is located in the following directory: WC_eardir/Stores.war Deploy updates to this file using the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console.

  2. Assign the Message for notifying the customer of an order release manifestation to an e-mail transport.