Working with message types

WebSphere Commerce predefines several message types and sets them as active. You can change the parameters for message types.

About this task

E-mail messages
  • A broadcast message
  • ActivateTaskNotification
  • An Invoice Message
  • Description of an error condition occurring in WebSphere Commerce
  • Message for a changed order
  • Message for a received order
  • Message for a rejected order
  • Message for an authorized order
  • Message for notifying the customer of an order release manifestation
  • Message for notifying the merchant of an order
  • Message that shows the interest item list of the customer
  • Message to notify approvers
  • Notification message for a canceled order
  • Notification message for a merchant for a canceled order
  • Notification message for password reset
  • Notification message for saving coupons
  • Notification message of the order status
  • ReadyToApproveTaskGroupNotification
  • RejectTaskNotification
  • Response Notification Message
  • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseRFQ Close Message
  • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseRFQ Complete Message
  • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseRFQ Submit Message
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 1User account activation by e-mail
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 1SendGiftRegistryAnnouncementMessage
WebSphere MQ messages
  • Outbound message for WebSphere Commerce Legacy Order Create
  • Outbound message for WebSphere Commerce XML Order Create