Enabling interim fix JR55406

JR55406 adds the ability for an administrator to configure a dedicated work manager for workspaces, such that threads from its thread pool are used to schedule workspace jobs.You might need this fix if you notice that other scheduled jobs are delaying workspace-related jobs.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR55406.


  1. Create a custom work manager in the WebSphere Application Server console.
  2. Open the WC_eardir/xml/content-management/wc-resource-containers.xml file.
  3. Add the "schedulerApplicationType" attribute to the <wc:DefaultConfiguration> section.
    For example,
    Where workManagerName is the name of the custom work manager that you created in the WebSphere Application Server console. For example, if "workspace" is the name of the custom work manager, then add schedulerApplicationType="workspace"
    Note: If a work manager is not custom created or the schedulerApplicationType is not set, all workspace scheduler jobs will continue to be scheduled in the default thread pool.
  4. Increment the data source connection pool size by the maximum threads property of the custom work manager.
    By incrementing the connection pool size, you ensure that each new thread can connect to the database. For more information, see WebSphere Application Server considerations.