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Enabling interim fix JR46230

If you have a staging environment, enable this fix to use key splitting to avoid key collisions during staging propagation.

To split the keys for access control policy tables, complete the following procedure. This interim fix includes two files:
  • /schema/common/apar/wcs.acp.keys.lowrange.production.sql
  • /schema/common/apar/wcs.acp.keys.midrange.staging.sql

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for your fix pack level. JR46230 is included in the cumulative.


  1. Open a connection to the correct WebSphere Commerce database and schema.
  2. Run the SQL file that is included with this interim fix:
    • For production environment, run /schema/common/apar/wcs.acp.keys.lowrange.production.sql
    • For staging environment, run /schema/common/apar/wcs.acp.keys.midrange.staging.sql
    You can run these SQLs manually or run them as files.