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Enabling interim fix JR43881

Interim fix JR43881 fixes an issue where stagingprop utility fails when the utility attempts to propagate changes of attribute dictionary attribute values for products to the production server.

JR43881 is applicable to staging databases only. After you install the interim fix, you can find two new SQL files, one for DB2 and one for Oracle:
  • \schema\db2\apar\wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.sql
  • \schema\oracle\apar\wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.sql
Based on the database type on the staging server, run the corresponding SQL file for an enhanced version of the staging trigger to update against the CATENTRYATTR table.

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for Fix Pack 6, JR53048.fp.


  1. If you are using a DB2 database, connect to the database and then run the SQL file.
    For example,
    • db2 connect to mall user wcs using password
    • db2 -td# -vf wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.sql > wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.log
  2. If you are using an Oracle database, run the SQL file.
    For example,
    • sqlplus -s wcs/password@orcl < wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.sql > wcs.staging.trigger.catentryattr.update.log