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Troubleshooting: WebSphere Commerce feature pack install or uninstall failed

Review this information if the installation or uninstallation of a WebSphere Commerce feature pack fails.


Attention: Installing Feature Pack 1 using Installation Manager 1.4, requires an Interim Fix. For more information, see Interim Fix (iFix).

The install or uninstall of the WebSphere Commerce feature pack failed.


If the install or uninstall failed, the Summary page of the installation wizard displays the log file location.

The log file locations for the install: WC_installdir/logs/FEPX/install

The log file locations for the uninstall: WC_installdir/logs/FEPX/uninstall

Where X is the feature pack number that you have installed or uninstalled.

If the log file indicated by the installer does not exist, or the installer indicates the following log file location: null/logs/FEPX/install/log.txtyou can find the logs in the following location:
  • SolarisAIX/fepX_install_logs/log.txt
  • Linux/root/fepX_install_logs/log.txt
  • For IBM i OS operating system/home/user/fepX_install_logs/log.txt
Where X is the feature pack number that you have installed or uninstalled and user is the user profile of the user who is installing or uninstalling the WebSphere Commerce feature pack.
Fix the errors indicated in this log file and run the installation or uninstallation again.
Note: When you install or uninstall, ensure you have the appropriate privileges:
  • AIXLinuxSolarisLog on:
    • As a root user
    • WebSphere Commerce Version or laterFeature Pack 8Or as a non-root user that owns WC_installdir
  • WebSphere Commerce Version or laterSolarisLinuxAIXFeature Pack 8If you want log on as a non-root user, ensure that the non-root user owns the appropriate .profile file and consider the following installation limitations.
    • Feature packs that are installed by a non-root user cannot be registered through native operating system mechanisms, such as the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) on Linux. WebSphere software registers in the installation registry file and the file. All installed components are fully functional despite the lack of native registration.
    • Feature packs installed by the root user must be uninstalled by the root user only.
    If you accept the limitations, to change ownership, perform the following steps:
    1. Log on as the root user.
    2. If the directory /tmp/niflog/ exists, create a backup and then remove the directory.
    3. Change the ownership of /home/non-root_userdir/.profile to non-root user and the non-root user group. For example, change ownership of /home/wasuser/.profile to wasuser and wasgroup.
    4. Set the non-root user's umask to 0027.
  • For IBM i OS operating systemLog on with a user profile that has *SECOFR authority.
  • WindowsLog on to a user that has Windows Administrative user rights.