Testing your new implementation of the Contact Us view

In this lesson, you test the new implementation of the Contact Us view.


  1. In the Server view, right-click WebSphere Commerce Test Server and select Start if the server is stopped or Restart > Start if the server is running.
  2. Navigate to the Stores > WebContent > Madisons directory.
  3. Right-click the index.jsp file and select Run > Run on Server.
  4. Select Choose an existing server and click Finish.
  5. Alternatively, to directly launch the index.jsp, you can enter the following URL directly in your web browser:
  6. At the bottom of the store home page that is displayed, click the Help/Contact Us link.
    The new Contact Us page looks similar to the following image.
    New Contact Us page.
  7. Type your name in the Name field. You can leave the other fields blank. Click Submit.
  8. You should see the Contact Us Acknowledgement page display with your name obtained from the input form.

    Contact Us acknowledgement page