Updating your controller command configuration

In this step, you update the MyContactUsCmd configuration to work with the Validator framework.


  1. Open the struts-config-ext.xml file if it is not open.
  2. Click the Action Mappings tab. In the Action Mappings section, select MyContactUsCmd. This action is the action that you specified in the Struts input form of MyContactUsDisplay.jsp.
  3. In the Form Bean Specification section, in the Input field, type /Madisons/StoreInfoArea/MyContactUsDisplay.jsp. This view is the view to which the user is forwarded to if validation fails. In this case, you are forwarding the user back to the MyContactUsDisplay.jsp page to give them the opportunity to correct and resubmit their form data.
  4. Ensure the Validate check box is selected. This step ensures that the Struts validation can take place as part of the action execution.
  5. Save your changes.