Feature Pack 7 or later

Summary: Indexing profit margin data for use in dynamic product recommendation

This tutorial demonstrated how to load a cost price list, use the offer price and use the cost price. You used these prices to calculate profit margin and index profit margin field. You added this profit margin as a merchandising attribute to catalog entries to recommend these catalog entries to customers based on the profit margin.

In this tutorial, you indexed this profit margin and registered your profit margin field within the search attribute table. By registering this field, the profit margin became available for use in product recommendations. To display profit margin in your store preview, you first modified User Data Field Name Mapping and search configuration files to return profit margin as user data. Then, you modified your storefront JSP file to display profit margin in store preview, but not in your storefront.

Lessons learned

By completing this tutorial, you learned about the following concepts and tasks:
  • Loading cost price lists.
  • Updating the search schema
  • Preprocessing the search index data
  • Configuring the Data Import Handler mapping
  • Building the search index
  • Registering a new field in search tables
  • Customizing the User Data Field Name Mapping and search configuration to include custom data
  • Modifying the Aurora starter store to display custom data in only store preview
  • Packaging customizations
  • Deploying customizations
  • Testing customizations