Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Tutorial: Adding custom catalog entry information to WebSphere Commerce Search

Introduced in Feature Pack 2

In this tutorial, WebSphere Commerce search is used to enable searching on new custom database tables, where they are then searched upon from the storefront. This scenario assumes that the custom tables are created and might contain data. This tutorial involves adding new search schema fields, a search profile, and changing the catalog search service. The changes to the catalog search service include adding UserData information in the CatalogNavigationViewType noun by using the wc-business-object-mediator.xml file.

Feature Pack 5 or laterNote: This tutorial contains content that is based on the Deprecated featureMadisons starter store models. The steps outline in this tutorial do not work with other starter store models, including the Aurora starter store.

The CatalogNavigationViewType noun uses the UserData element as a data extension point to add new data without changing the logical model. In this tutorial, warranty information is added to the CatalogEntry noun UserData element. For this tutorial, a warranty applies to a specific catalog entry. This waranty consists of a term or number of days the warranty applies, and a warranty type, either limited or comprehensive. At the end of the tutorial, you can search on the warranty type field from the Deprecated featureMadisons starter store.

Note: Some extensions that are used in this tutorial contain an X_ prefix. This naming convention prevents naming conflicts between customization properties and default WebSphere Commerce properties.
Note: Workspaces are not supported when you are completing this tutorial.

Learning objectives

After you complete this tutorial, you should be familiar with the following concepts:
  • The CatalogNavigationViewType noun
After completing this tutorial, you should be able to perform the following tasks:
  • Understand and customize WebSphere Commerce search

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take 2 hours to complete. This tutorial can take longer if you explore concepts that are related to this tutorial.

Skill level

This tutorial is intended for advanced WebSphere Commerce developers responsible for creating and customizing WebSphere Commerce BOD services. To complete this tutorial, ensure that you are familiar with the following terms and concepts:
  • WebSphere Commerce search
  • Web services
  • XML
  • WebSphere Commerce services
  • Relational databases
  • SQL

System requirements

Before you begin this tutorial, ensure that you complete the following tasks: