Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Verifying your changes in the Madisons starter store

Introduced in Feature Pack 3 In this lesson, the Madisons starter store is navigated to verify the tutorial changes.

About this task


  1. Navigate to the Madisons starter store and search for the product you inserted sample warranty data.
  2. Click the Warranty tab on the product display page and verify the following content:

    Storefront verification of Warranty tab


This tutorial demonstrates how to display warranty information only. There are default sample JSP files included to display other catalog information. For performance reasons we recommend placing the getData service call to retrieve warranty data on ProductDisplay.jsp if these samples are used.

The JSP files are located in the following directory:
  • WC_installdir\components\store-enhancements\samples\SOACatalogStorefrontServices\stores
See Sample assets for the catalog programming model for more information.