Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Extending the IBM_findCatalogEntrySummary search profile to return warranty data

Introduced in Feature Pack 3 In this lesson, a new search profile is used to retrieve additional information from the search index. In this case, it is the 3 new warranty fields added in the previous lesson. In this step you create a new search profile called X_findCatalogEntryWarranty, which extends IBM_findCatalogEntrySummary. The IBM_findCatalogEntrySummary search profile returns catalog information such as description, keyword and part number.

About this task


  1. Create a new custom WebSphere Commerce search configuration file and call it wc-search.xml in the following directory:
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\workspace\WC\xml\config\
      Note: If this directory does not exist, create it. If wc-search.xml already exists in this directory, insert the custom <_config:profile> data below anywhere before the </_config:search-config> snippet.
  2. Copy the following snippet into the file:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!--This file adds the new warranty fields to the search index.  These names were defined in schema.xml-->
    xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ../xsd/wc-search.xsd ">
    <_config:profile name="X_findCatalogEntryWarranty"
    <_config:field name="warterm" />
    <_config:field name="wartype" />
    <_config:field name="careinstruction" />
  3. Save your changes and close the file.