Feature Pack 7WebSphere Commerce Developer

Installing the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector for WebSphere Commerce Developer

You can install the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector for use in the WebSphere Commerce development environment.

Before you begin

Complete the onboarding tasks. For example, where:
  • Your WebSphere Commerce information is created in the BloomReach system.
  • Your WebSphere Commerce information is configured to work with the BloomReach SNAP platform.
  • An FTP account is created to store your WebSphere Commerce configuration and other files that might be required for your integration to function correctly.
  • Your setup and account information is shared with you as part of the onboarding process between you and the BloomReach team.


  1. Download the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector from IBM Passport Advantage: Passport Advantage.

    IBM Passport Advantage: WebSphere Commerce Search Connector

    Product identifier Product name License Information ID
    5724-I38 IBM WebSphere Commerce Search Connector L-JTAG-9GQMFN
  2. Install the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector using the IBM Installation Manager.

    The IBM Installation Manager installs and manages packages on your computer.

    1. Install the IBM Installation Manager
    2. Add the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector repository location to the Installation Manager:
      1. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click File > Preferences, and then click Repositories. The Repositories page opens, showing any available repositories, their locations, and whether they are connected.
      2. On the Repositories page, click Add Repository.
      3. In the Add Repository dialog box, click Browse. Go to the location of your WebSphere Commerce Search Connector directory, select the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector repository, then click OK. The new repository location is listed.
      4. Click Test Connections to ensure that the Repository URL is available.
      5. Click OK to close the repositories page.
    3. In Installation Manager, click Install. The Installation Manager searches its defined repositories for available packages.
    4. On the Install Packages page, select WebSphere Commerce Search Connector and click Next.
    5. Read and accept the license agreement.
    6. Select Use the existing package group and select the WebSphere Commerce Developer package group. Click Next.
    7. The Installation Manager detects all of the applicable features. Recommended features are automatically selected. Select any additional features that you want to install and click Next.
    8. Review the installation summary and click Install to begin the installation process.
    9. After installation is complete, check the final page to ensure that there are no warnings or errors.
      If there are no warnings or errors, click Finish to exit the installation process. If there are warning or error messages, refer to Troubleshooting: WebSphere Commerce installation issues.
    10. Take one of the following actions:
      • Close IBM Installation Manager.
      • Open First Steps and learn more about what you can do now that the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector is installed.
  3. Copy the BloomReach extensions logic JAR files to the development environment.
    1. Copy the following files to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\WC directory:
      • WC_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\wc.ear\BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Common.jar
      • WC_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\wc.ear\BloomReachExtensionsLogic-WC.jar
    2. Copy the following files to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search directory:
      • WC_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\search.ear\BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Common.jar
      • WC_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\search.ear\BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Search.jar
  4. Update the manifest files to contain the BloomReach extensions logic JAR files:
    1. Open the following file for editing: WCDE_installdir\workspace\Stores\WebContent\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF.
    2. Add the following entries to the file:
      • BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Common.jar
      • BloomReachExtensionsLogic-WC.jar
    3. Save your changes and close the file.
    4. Open the following file for editing: WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search-Rest\WebContent\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF.
    5. Add the following entries to the file:
      • BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Common.jar
      • BloomReachExtensionsLogic-Search.jar
    6. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Patch the WCDE_installdir\workspace\WC\Foundation-Server.jar file with the following directory: WCDE_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\wc.ear\Foundation-Server.jar\com.
  6. Copy additional files to the development environment.
    1. Copy the WC_installdir\workspace\WC\Foundation-Server.jar file to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search directory.
    2. Copy the WC_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\search.ear\properties\com\ibm\commerce\foundation\server\services\search\processor\SearchExpressionProcessorFactory.properties file to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search\properties\com\ibm\commerce\foundation\server\services\search\processor directory.
    3. Copy the WCDE_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\wc.ear\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext\wc-query-br-utilities.tpl file to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\WC\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext directory.
    4. Copy the WCDE_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bloomreach\search.ear\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext\wc-query-br-utilities.tpl file to the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext directory.
  7. Update the wc-server.xml to include the new outbound connector.
    1. Open the WCDE_installdir\workspace\WC\xml\config\wc-server.xml file for editing.
    2. Add the following snippet after the OutboundConnector with id="-113":
      <OutboundConnector default="true" enabled="true" id="-114"  name="Bloomreach">
         <ConnectionSpec ClassName="com.ibm.commerce.wc.messaging.adapters.bloomreach.BloomreachConnectionSpecImpl" default="true">
            <EditableProperty Admin="userName" display="false" editable="yes" name="setUserName" value="userName"/>
            <EditableProperty Admin="password" display="false" editable="yes" name="setPassword" encrypt="Yes" value=""/>
    3. Save your changes and close the file.
  8. Run the following SQL statement on the development environment database:
    insert into transport (transport_id, timeout, implemented, addressable, name, description) 
    values (-114, 60, 'Y', 'N', 'Bloomreach', 'Bloomreach');
  9. Update the following configurations according to the BloomReach documentation:
    1. Update the Solr server advanced configuration under the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext\wc-search.xml file.
    2. Configure custom configurations for the BloomReach connector under the WCDE_installdir\workspace\Search\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-ext\wc-component.xml file.