Feature Pack 7

BloomReach Search, Navigation, and Personalization (SNAP) integration with WebSphere Commerce search

You can integrate WebSphere Commerce search with BloomReach Search, Navigation, and Personalization (SNAP).

WebSphere Commerce search provides enhanced search functionality in starter stores by enabling enriched search engine capabilities such as automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction, while influencing store search results by using search term associations, and search-based merchandising rules.

BloomReach provides search, navigation and personalization solutions that enable businesses to dynamically adapt site experiences to each unique shopper. BloomReach SNAP uses sophisticated algorithms to combine cross-device behavioral patterns, natural-language processing, machine-learning, and other web-wide signals of intent to automatically present the most relevant search results, navigational features, and contextual filters. BloomReach SNAP is powered by continuous learning technologies that respond to the shopper's changing context without the need for business users to manage extensive search rules. In cases where granular control is required, the BloomReach platform contains data-driven management tools to empower business users to make informed decisions around business rules.

Using the WebSphere Commerce Search Connector, businesses can extend WebSphere Commerce search with the self-learning BloomReach SNAP solution. The WebSphere Commerce Search Connector enables WebSphere Commerce to communicate with the BloomReach SNAP service, including passing search results from the storefront for further processing.

The following diagram describes the integration between WebSphere Commerce search and BloomReach:
Integration between WebSphere Commerce search and BloomReach SNAP
  • WebSphere Commerce contains storefront interactions and business logic to tailor shopper experience and business rules.
    • Shoppers use the Aurora starter store to browse the storefront, with some data retrieved from the BloomReach pixel servers.
    • Business users use the Management Center tools to manually configure search and merchandising rules.
  • BloomReach contains components such as the SNAP Dashboard, pixel servers, and other data processors and job schedulers. Search and merchandising rules are controlled by the BloomReach SNAP services.
  • BloomReach contains the search index and its required components to support SNAP features and function.

    Search requests are built in WebSphere Commerce, including all business logic and search rules, and then sent to BloomReach for further processing. The search response is then sent back to WebSphere Commerce and search results are displayed in the storefront.

  • Integration points exist between WebSphere Commerce and BloomReach to support all communications between the platforms. BloomReach exposes an API to handle all requests between the platforms.
  • The search connector plug-in exists on top of WebSphere Commerce. It helps BloomReach by providing the following services:
    • The initial configuration changes to the WebSphere instance.
    • Generates full and delta feed dumps.
    • Syncs data and configuration files to the BloomReach servers over FTP.
    • Redirects search requests to the BloomReach SNAP API, including cookie, device, and any other additional information that might be required.
    • Provides JavaScript templates for integrating the BloomReach pixel library.
    • All required configurations for the BloomReach SNAP integration points. For example, the service location and authentication keys.
  • The Feed Ingestion component provides scheduled jobs to ingest the feed.


Several features can be managed between WebSphere Commerce search and BloomReach. For example, WebSphere Commerce search features that influence search results are set up by business users in the Management Center. However, BloomReach SNAP features that influence search results are affected by the BloomReach SNAP services.

Refer to the onboarding package and BloomReach documentation for guidance on the best joint-use of WebSphere Commerce and BloomReach SNAP features.


The WebSphere Commerce Search Connector and BloomReach SNAP are two separately licensed offerings, where:
  • The WebSphere Commerce Search Connector requires WebSphere Commerce Enterprise Edition Version 7.0 with Feature Pack 7.0 and Fix Pack 8 applied.
  • BloomReach SNAP requires a separate third-party subscription with BloomReach for the SNAP offering, which must be purchased separately.
For more information, see Announcement: IBM WebSphere Commerce Search Connector extends customer-centric search tothe BloomReach SNAP solution.


Be aware of the following limitations when integrating WebSphere Commerce search with BloomReach SNAP:
  • The WebSphere Commerce Search Connector is not supported in WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 8.