Running the build process

After the configuration steps are finished, you can run your build process to create deployment packages for your target environment.

About this task

Use a meaningful build label such the build date or the tag name of the SCM.

In addition to providing runtime information in the console, the build process generates a log file in the following location: WCBD_installdir/logs/build-label-tstamp/wcbd-build.log

Ant also provides a way to run an Ant build file with debug information to console. Specify the -d or the -debug flag when calling wcbd-ant.bat or wcbd-ant in the build process. However, such debug information is not written to the log file created by the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool. When you run the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool in debug mode, redirect the standard output and standard error streams to a separate log file.


  1. Change to the WCBD_installdir directory.
  2. Run the build process with the following command, where build-label is the build label to be used:
    • WindowsWindowswcbd-ant.bat -buildfile wcbd-build.xml -Dbuild.label=build-label
    • SolarisLinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating system./wcbd-ant -buildfile wcbd-build.xml -Dbuild.label=build-label


Upon completion, the server and toolkit deployment packages are created in the following location:
  • WCBD_installdir/dist/server/
  • WCBD_installdir/dist/toolkit/

What to do next

These packages can then be installed and configured for deployment: