Marketing Event Monitor for WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

For sites using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, the Marketing Event Monitor captures statistics generated by your marketing campaigns. The statistics provide insight into the relative success of your various campaigns and individual activities. You can view a snapshot of the current statistics through the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

Deprecated featureThey are also captured to show the effectiveness of your Product Advisor shopping metaphors.

The Marketing Event Monitor collects statistics for the following:

  • Campaign events, which include impressions and clickthroughs. An impression occurs each time a particular Web activity is displayed to a customer. Each activity results in either an ad or suggestive selling content being displayed. A clickthrough occurs each time a customer clicks the displayed content to find out more information about the subject. To record clickthroughs, the developer associates the ClickInfo command with the dynamic content. The Marketing Event Monitor records Web activities and the e-Marketing Spot displayed. This could help to refine your targeted advertisements, or to verify that certain ads are being seen.
  • Experiment events which are similar to the campaign events, but which track the statistics tied to particular experiments so that the test elements can be compared to the control elements. Experiment events include the display evaluation, in which the system determines whether to display the experiment, or the control element. These events update the EXPLOG table in the WebSphere Commerce database. The experiment events also include customer clicks with respect to the displayed experiment. These events update the EXPSTATS table.
  • Deprecated featureCustomer usage of the Product Advisor. Statistics are kept for each of the three shopping metaphors, and can demonstrate their comparative effectiveness.

WebSphere Commerce DeveloperThe Marketing Event Monitor also compiles a detailed log of the campaign events generated during site usage. Each time that a campaign event takes place, the log is updated with the page requested, the e-Marketing Spots displayed, and the activities used to generate the content. This log is captured in the CPGNLOG table in the WebSphere Commerce database, and is processed by WebSphere Commerce Analyzer, which generates reports based on the collected data.

WebSphere Commerce DeveloperThe Marketing Event Monitor can also track of the relationship between orders and the customer segments to which the customer belongs. Each time that a customer places an order, the log is updated with the orders_id and mbrgrp_id. This log is captured in the ORDERMGP table in the WebSphere Commerce database.