Verifying Server Installation

To verify that an installation has completed successfully, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the following message is displayed to the standard output or in the installation log file /var/log/BESInstall.log:
    The installation of BigFix was completed successfully.
    You can now proceed to install the BigFix Console on a Windows System and log
    on as 'EvaluationUser', the user just created.
    The BigFix Console installer is available in the folder '/var/opt/BESInstallers
  2. Ensure that the services associated with each installed components are up and running by entering the following commands from /etc/init.d:
    ./besserver status
    ./besfilldb status
    ./besgatherdb status
    ./besclient status
    ./beswebreports status
  3. Ensure that local or remote databases are created by switching to the local DB2 Administrative user (default: db2inst1) and running the list database command:
    su - db2inst1
    db2 list db directory
    Check that the following databases are created:
    • Server component: BFENT
    • Web Reports component: BESREPOR
  4. Launch the BigFix Console and provide the credentials of the first BigFix user created at installation time to ensure that the Console connects to the Server. The user default value for the evaluation installation is EvaluationUser. Ensure that the client installed by default on the server machine is registered.
  5. Ensure that you can log on to the Web Reports from the Console by selecting Tools -> Launch WebReports and providing the credentials of the first user created at installation time.