Installation Command Options

You can run the Production or Evaluation installation in interactive or silent mode.

The full command to run any type of installation is the following:
./ [ -f <input_response_file> ] [ -g <output_response_file> ] [ -upgrade ]
[ -reuseDb ] [ -opt <key_name1>=<key_value1> ] [ -opt <key_name2>=<key_value2> ] ...    
-f <input_response_file>
Specifies the full path and file name of the response file to use.
-g <output_response_file>
Generates a response file.
Runs the script to upgrade all the components.
Allows you to use an existing database. If during the disaster recovery the installation program finds BFENT or BESREPOR databases, it uses them.
-opt <key_name>=<key_value>
Allows you to override at runtime a value assigned to a key in the response file.