Benefits and limitations of the Software Classification panel

Available from 9.2.7. The Software Classification panel replaced the BigFix Software Classification panel. It displays all your software installations and provides a streamline software management, and classification.


Main benefits of the Software Classification panel:
  • Provides improved filtering capabilities, multiple filters can be applied to all available columns.
  • Allows for flexible ordering and sorting of data by any column.
  • Allows for selecting multiple components and assigning them to a product in one go.
  • Provides extended search capabilities when you assign components to products. The list of target products can be searched by product name, version, metric, or by other attributes.
  • Shows components that are discovered with software ID tags.
  • Shows components that were installed in the past but are no longer detected, for example because they were uninstalled or the computer on which they were installed was decommissioned.


Currently, the Software Classification panel has the following limitations:
  • When you exclude, or suppress instances, the notification informs you whether the action was successful or not. However, the notification does not provide the number of instances affected, or any further details.
  • When you exclude multiple products or products on multiple computers, the exclusion window lists these items separately. The order does not reflect the relation between the computer and the product. The lists are limited to display up to three items.
  • When you reassign the component to the different release of the same product, and this component is currently assigned to the excluded release of the product, the exclusion flag is not cleared.
  • If you created and saved a custom report filtered by Exclusion Status in the versions before 9.2.6, the report is not replicated when you upgrade to the newest version of BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool.
  • Installation path is provided only for IBM products.
  • When you reach the limit of 10 unique custom rules, and create an additional rule without applying a different filter, or refreshing the Software Classification panel view, the additional rule is added.
  • When you sort components by metric, components with the same metrics are grouped together, but metrics are not sorted alphabetically.
  • Going to the first and last row by using the HOME and END keys is not supported.