Monitoring Deployed Policies

Use the WebUI’s Deployment views to monitor policy-based patching activity.

Working with Multiple Action Groups

A policy is a package of Fixlets and schedules. At the time indicated by the schedule, all patches meeting policy criteria are collected to create a BigFix Multiple Action Group (MAG). If a patch is not relevant on a particular device, no individual action will be taken.

A single policy may contain hundreds of patches, and its MAG may contain hundreds of components. To improve performance, when the number of patches in a policy exceeds 200 it is divided into Multiple Action Groups.

Default behavior of a Multiple Action Group (MAG)
  • Staggers deployment start time over the course of an hour to reduce network load.
  • Retries three times with a one hour interval on each try.
  • Uses default action.
  • Expires in 2 days (48 hours).
  • The targeting method depends on the target type, whether it is: a) a static endpoint, b) a manual computer group, or c) an automatic computer group.