Editing Custom Content

Use the Edit Task screen to edit custom content.

You can also,

  • Add or change an icon.
  • Edit Relevance - add and remove Relevance clauses.
  • Edit Action Script - add or change an action and success criteria.
  • Delete a task.

The link to the Edit Task page appears on custom content and software package documents when an operator has permission to edit tasks. The Edit Task page does not currently provide the full editing capabilities of the BigFix console. For example, it cannot be used to add actions, change script type, or include action setting locks. Use the BigFix console to edit baselines. Tasks that are created in the Profile Management application must be edited by using the Profile Management application.

Edit Task Descriptions

Edit task descriptions using the Rich Text Format (RTF) or HTML editors; the Use HTML Editor/Use Rich Text Editor link toggles between them. The two editors are not kept in sync. In other words, changes made in one will not be replicated when you switch to the other. Click Save to save the contents of the active editor; any changes made in the other editor will be lost.

To protect against cross-site scripting attacks, text entered in the Rich Text editor is checked before it is saved. For example, style and script tags will be removed, and URLs and class/ID values might be modified or removed. Content that is created in the console is rendered accurately in the HTML editor, but might not be rendered accurately by the Rich Text editor.

Edit Task Relevance

Use the editor on the Edit Task page to edit Relevance. Click the boxed + and controls to insert or remove a clause. An asterisk next to a tab name indicates that a change was made on that tab. Changes made on this page to Relevance created in the BigFix console using the Conditional Relevance option will subsequently appear in the console as Relevance clauses.

For more information about editing Relevance, see the BigFix Console Operators Guide.

Edit Task Actions

Use the editor on the Edit Task page to modify an action. A bolded tab name marks the default action. Actions cannot be added or removed using this editor.

Edit Task Properties

Use the property fields on the Edit Task page to add or change property information. Add information appropriate to the task, for example, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) ID for patch-related tasks.

  • Category - Type of task, for example, patch or software distribution.
  • Download size - Used when a file is distributed with the task (as for software, or a patch).
  • Source - Source of associated file, for example, a patch from Microsoft.
  • Source Release Date - Date a piece of software or patch was released.
  • Source Severity - Describes the level of risk associated with the problem fixed by a patch.
  • CVE IDs - The CVE ID system number of a patch.