Monitoring relays health

BigFix allows you to monitor your client and relay setups to ensure they are working optimally.

Before deploying a large patch, you might want to check the status of your relays to guarantee a smooth rollout.

Here are some suggestions for monitoring your relay deployment:

  • Click the BigFix Management domain and the Analyses node and activate the relay Status analysis. This Analysis contains a number of properties that give you a detailed view of the relay health.
  • Click the Results tab for the analysis to monitor the Distance to relay property in the relay status analysis to see what is normal in your network. If your topology suddenly changes, or you notice that some of your clients are using extra hops to get to the server, it could indicate the failure of a relay.
  • Try to minimize the number of clients reporting directly to the server because it is generally less efficient than using relays. You can see which computers are reporting to which relays by studying this analysis.