Removing a standby BOS

Use the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to delete an unwanted standby BOS from a volume group. This operation also removes the related file systems and boot references.

About this task

The created action uses the remove operation with the -R flag.
  • All boot references to the standby BLV are removed.
  • The boot list is set to the active BLV.
  • Any mounted standby BLVs are unmounted.
  • Standby BOS are removed.

You can include a preview of the removal of the standby BOS to retrieve information about the action that will be taken, but will not perform actual changes.


  1. From the BigFix console, click Patch Management > OS Vendors > IBM AIX > AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard.
  2. Under the Multibos Tasks tab, click Multibos Individual Task Operations to expand the individual task selection options pane.
  3. Select Remove Standby BOS.
    Figure 1. Removing a standby BOS

    Removing a standby BOS
  4. Verify that the preview option is at the preferred setting.
  5. Click Create Action.
  6. Deploy the action.