Creating a new BOS and deploying patches

Use the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to create a new standby Base Operating System (BOS) and deploy updates to it from a single action. Deploying technology level and service pack updates to the standby BOS allows such updates to run without extended periods of downtime. Using a standby BOS also allows for a backup of the system's current state that can be quickly restored.

Before you begin

  • Run the Deploy AIX StartUp/Shutdown script for multibos reboot task (ID # 92). By running this task, the scripts (KZCopyMultibosBESDATA and SZCopyMultibosBESDATA), which are responsible for copying the BESClient data to the standby BOS, are created in the /etc/rc.d/rc2.d folder. These scripts are crucial for multibos patching.
  • Prior to a Technology Level upgrade or a Service Pack update, install the expect package for AIX 5.42 or higher (expect.base for AIX 6.1). You can obtain the package from the AIX toolbox download site:
  • Ensure that you have sufficient amount of disk space on the /var partition to accommodate large files. Use the available tasks to set any size or space limitations. For more information, see Fix pack download configuration.
  • Complete one of the following tasks:
    • If you want to deploy patches through the internet download option, register the AIX Download Plug-in. For more information, see Registering the AIX download plug-in.
    • If you want to deploy patches from an accessible Network File System (NFS) mount, enable the NFS service and configure the NFS shares. For more information, see Network File System support.

About this task

Creating a new BOS through the Multibos Express Task automatically deletes the existing standby BOS, runs a preview of the standby BOS creation, and then creates the actual standby BOS.

The express task also removes all the interim fixes on the standby BOS before deploying the technology level and service pack updates. It runs a preview of the deployment before deploying the updates to the endpoints. It also verifies the OS version on the standby BOS after the updates are deployed.


  1. From the BigFix console, click Patch Management > OS Vendors > IBM AIX > AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard.
  2. Under the Multibos Tasks tab, click Multibos Express Task: Create a new BOS, Deploy Technology Level and Service Pack Fix Pack to it to expand the options pane.
    Figure 1. Multibos Express Task

    Multibos Express Task
  3. Select the major version, technology level, and service pack of the operating system level that you want to deploy to the standby BOS.
  4. Specify whether to prevent multibos from changing the bootlist.
  5. Verify that the reboot option is at the preferred setting.
  6. Click Create Action.
  7. Deploy the action.