Deploying firmware updates

You can deploy firmware updates, also known as microcode updates, by using the custom content that was created by the AIX Deployment Wizard.

Before you begin

Run the Determine Firmware Level task and enable the AIX Firmware Level analysis (ID # 74) on all target AIX systems. The task collects firmware version information, which is used to identify the relevant systems. This task remains relevant to all AIX systems, providing the option to update system firmware information as often as might be required. No firmware related content becomes relevant until you run this task.

Note: The firmware information is updated automatically as part of each BigFix® generated firmware deployment. You do not need to run the Determine Firmware Level task after deploying firmware updates with BigFix content.

About this task

After creating a one-time action or Fixlet for a firmware update, you deploy it to the relevant computers. For information about creating custom content, see Creating Fixlets for firmware updates.


  1. From the BigFix console, navigate to where the custom content is located.
  2. Select a firmware update Fixlet.
  3. Review the text in the Description tab.
  4. Click the appropriate link in the Actions box to start the deployment.

What to do next

Firmware updates are deployed to the temporary side of the service processor.

Use the Restart Computer task (ID# 62) to restart the system, and then verify the installation of the fix. After you verify that the installation of the firmware version is successful, commit the firmware fix by using the Commit Firmware Fix Permanently Fixlet. This action might take several minutes to run.

Attention: When an update is committed to the permanent side, it cannot be undone.
Note: Rejecting a firmware update requires physical interaction with the target servers and cannot be performed using BigFix.