Deploying interim fixes

BigFix provides Fixlets for interim fixes that are released through an AIX vulnerability advisory or subscription notification. You can deploy these Fixlets to install interim fixes to endpoints. For customized interim fixes, you can use the AIX Interim Fix Management Wizard to create custom Fixlets for deployment.

Before you begin

Ensure the systems have internet access. Otherwise, the interim fix download will fail.


  • To install an interim fix through the BigFix released content, complete the following steps:
    1. From the BigFix console, click All Patch Management > Fixlets and Tasks > By Site > Patches for AIX.

      A list of Fixlets is displayed.

    2. Select a Fixlet to deploy an interim fix installation from the list.
      You can filter the Fixlet and Task list by using any of these categories: Interim Fix - HIPER or Interim Fix - Security Advisory.
      The Fixlet title for all interim fixes is formatted as follows (in one line):
      AIX <version number for OS specific ifix>: Interim Fix - 
      <HIPER or Security Advisory>: <Vulnerability name> 
      (<interim fix file name in .epkg.Z>) 
      For example, AIX 7.1: Interim Fix - Security Advisory: Vulnerability in NTPv3 affects AIX (IV74262s6a.150714.epkg.Z).
    3. Review the text in the Description tab.
    4. Click the appropriate link in the Actions box to start the deployment.
  • To deploy patches through custom content, you must create the Fixlet or a custom action by using the AIX Interim Fix Wizard.
    For more information about how to use the wizard, see Creating Fixlets for interim fixes.

What to do next

To view the results of the deployment, activate the AIX Interim Fixes analysis (ID #43). This analysis displays the installed interim fixes on a per-system basis.