NFS Repository Management overview

To help manage technology level or service pack fix packs on a remote disk space, BigFix Patch offers the NFS (Network File System) Repository Management feature on the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard.

Technology level or service pack updates are large and not all endpoints have sufficient disk space on the /var/opt/BESClient directory to store and process these updates. The NFS Repository Management feature helps you to manage these fix packs on NFS repositories. You can select any existing directory that is on a targeted AIX endpoint and register it as an NFS repository. Registration enables the NFS service on the endpoint and flags the endpoint as a viable location to store the fix packs.

The NFS Repository Management feature provides the following capabilities:
  • Download and cache relevant technology level or service pack fix packs for each registered NFS repository.
  • Verify the cached fix packs on a registered NFS repository to check for any inconsistencies, such as sha1 values, against the source filesets from Fix Central.
  • Delete the cached fix packs that are no longer of use to clear up the disk space on the NFS repository for relevant fix packs to be used during patching.