MDT Bundle creation process

To create your deployment bundle using the MDT Bundle creator, you must customize a parameter file with the required options.

You use the MDT Bundle Creator tool to create any of the following:
  • An MDT Bundle that does not include any OS resource.
  • An MDT Bundle that includes one or more OS resources.
  • One or more OS resources only.
Depending on what you are creating with the MDT Bundle creator tool, you must specify the corresponding parameters in the parameters.ini file, before you run it. The process is described in the following steps:
  1. Download the appropriate version of the MDT Bundle Creator. If you download the tool manually, extract the file into a clean directory.
  2. Check that you have all the required prerequisites, as detailed in Prerequisites.
  3. Edit the parameters.ini configuration file. The parameters.ini file is used to specify a target output directory and the locations of prerequisites and OS resources. All available configuration options are in MDT Bundle Creation Options. The only mandatory parameters are listed in the General section of the file.
  4. Run the appropriate MDT Bundle Creator for your architecture from within the extracted directory as an Administrator. Run MDTBundleCreator.exe or MDTBundleCreator64.exe depending on your architecture. A setup.log file is created in this directory.
    Important: If an Antivirus program is running simultaneously with the MDT Bundle Creator, the resulting bundle might be corrupted, causing the upload step to fail. You must stop or temporarily disable the Antivirus program before running the tool and for the time needed to complete the bundle creation process.

    The bundle creation process takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete and results in the creation of the MDTBundle folder beneath the directory specified as the target in parameters.ini configuration file.

  5. Upload the MDT bundle on the BigFix server. See Creating and uploading MDT Bundles and OS resources.