Infrastructure collocation

Infrastructure collocation is a rule that discovers component instances that are installed in the same infrastructure and that are related to a specific product in the software catalog. The search does not include the agent on which the product is installed. If any of the discovered component instances has a confirmed, or one-to-one relationship with the product, the other instances are automatically bundled with the same product.


The assignment of the Server 2 component to Product 4 is simple, or manually confirmed. The database component is assigned to Product 1. Both components are in the same infrastructure.

A graphic that shows relations between two components and two products that are in the same infrastructure.
Based on the software catalog data, the database component is automatically reassigned to Product 4.
A graphic that shows bundling based on the software catalog data

9.2.6 Components that are not evaluated

Some components are not evaluated as part of the infrastructure collocation rule and do not affect other components that are installed in the same infrastructure. The components include:
  • Tivoli Monitoring for Databases - <name> Agent
  • Tivoli Monitoring - <name> Agent